Spy camera car key

The spy key is adapted to save your family events. Because of its minimal size, this micro spy camera can also be used quietly everywhere in your work.

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The spy camera HD is a reliable accessory that meets your needs. She produced videos de720x480p, similar in quality to traditional material. Practical and functional, it is also used as a camera. Despite its micro size, this mini spy camera provides images of exceptional clarity with a resolution of 1280x960p. It is provided with a visible light permanently. When the battery is low, the light source will tell you in flashing. For your other occupations, you can ask innocently on a table any. Its undetectable presence and its reliability, you can entrust to our key camera one spy mission. With a lightweight, she nestles discreetly in your hand.

The spy camera car key is distinguished by its flexibility of use. Products under AVI format, its sound files compatible with most standard video player. In addition, its design is adapted to standard operating systems. The strength of this Mini spy camera is the fluidity of the images produced. Supplied by a battery of the 280 mAh 3.7 V, she offers a continuous long-term recording. Its use gives a lot of information that you can use depending on your convenience. Our motion detector spy camera suitable both for professional supervision to capture memories for your family events.

You know the benefits you get by choosing the spy camera key? It is characterized by its ease of use: no software installation, no need of expertise. Activation of features are made by a small push! Being a perfect spy equipment, it is ultra discreet: minimalist size, absence of led light, innocuous object drawing no attention. Hold this Mini spy camera in your hands is a banal gesture that would not arouse suspicion. You want to capture more data? Just use a micro SD card. Available in our shop, you can choose between several capacities ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB. Equipped with a autonomythe advantage of being rechargeable lithium battery. Despite its elegant appearance and its beautiful finish, our micro spy camera comes with a good quality/price ratio!

Data sheet

Cards microSD up to 32 GB
720 x 480
Video format
280 mha 3.7V
Interface type
Mini usb
Photo resolution
1280 x 960


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