Keychain with full HD spy camera
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Keychain with full HD spy camera

Full HD spy camera car key. Infrared vision, Dictaphone, webcam, photo resolution 2560x1920, built-in microphone, angle of view 65 degrees.

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This product is a real car remote control, but is equipped with a spy camera Super HD 1080 P. It has external storage to save data. It is effective for interviews or recording sudden incidents like accidents, unusual scenes... With an image quality that meets all the requirements, this camera can be used to memorize various events such as sports competitions, meetings, etc. It is a monitoring solution very effective given its discretion. 

this Full HD spy camera keychain features of video recording, photo capture andvoice recording. Metal shell of an excellent finish, it seduced by its design. With a system of night vision, it can film even in a low-light space.

By opting for this spy camera key holder, you will have resolution videos 1920 x 1080, with a frequency of 30 frames per second. In camera mode, it allows you to open the 12 million pixels. Its memory is expandable by micro SD up to 32 GB. The data is readable on the traditional drives of operating systems such as Windows ME, 2000, XP, 2003 and 7, as well as Mac OS and Linux.  A 5V voltage is required to charge this remote control camera. It is equipped with a mini USB transmission interface. The package includes the device in question, a USB cable and a user manual.

Data sheet

170 grams
Frame per second
Video format
Continuous recording time
80 minutes ago
Operating system
Windows and IOS
12 million
Angle of view
65 degrees
Image format
Compression format
H. 264
Infrared vision


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