GPS Tracker for children - This GPS Tracker for children is ideal to monitor your children remotely. It allows you to track all
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GPS Tracker for children

This GPS Tracker for children is ideal to monitor your children remotely. It allows you to track all their movements to the path on your smartphone. You will be immediately notified by SMS when he leaves your home. Equipped with a SOS function, the child can launch you an alert in an emergency.

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This tracer mini GPS child is perfect for you, parents, whose child has used to roam. Small size, you can carry it or hide it in the binder of your child. The device is of a size of 40 x 34 x 14 mm for a weight of 27 g. It works with a GSM module which allows it to be connected to multiple phone numbers. However, you must have a SIM card as well as a subscription to the 2 G mobile phone network to take advantage of this feature.

In addition, it is equipped with a listening at a distance thanks to its function built-in microphone. Parents can hear at any time, everything that happens around the unit from their mobile phone. It also has a SOS function that activates after a prolonged support of SOS button for at least 5 seconds. So, the device sends an alert message to pre-defined SMS emergency contacts.

With this GPS child Trackeryou have a double way of tracking possible. It is of the Geolocation via GPS and LBS which allow a quick and precise positioning of the location of the device. A web platform so that a mobile application you are provided so that you can check the track of travel on a map. THEmobile application also allows you to make the necessary adjustments to the functioning of the device.

The GPS for child has the geo-fence technology. Once you have predefined a close box, for example your home or your child's school, you will be immediately notified by SMS or call when the appliance exceeds or comes out of the box. The device is powered by a high performance rechargeable battery that can offer a 12 days autonomy when it is in standby mode. In order to avoid that the device runs out of battery along the way, an alarm warns you when it is below 10%. This gives you time to recharge before equipping your child. The GPS Tracker comes with a USB cable for charging.

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27 grams
12 days
Compatible Smartphone
SOS button
Yes - up to 5 numbers
Mobile application
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