2 in 1 bike GPS Tracker - GPS bike tracker
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2 in 1 bike GPS Tracker

This geolocation for bike is also a very effective rear lamp. The product can be loaded in the traditional way, but it can also take over thanks to a dynamo drum. Of IPX7 waterproofing, it can be dipped in water for 30 minutes and continue to operate.

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This GPS Tracker is designed specifically for bikes. In addition to its GPS function, it is also a bike LED lamp. The device is powered by a Li-ion 4400 mAh battery which offers 90 days of autonomy. The battery is rechargeable via a load support USB with a USB cable provided in the package. For this, it has a USB interface. A GPS bike tag must be sealed and it is the case for this model. It has an impermeability to water level IPX7. This GPS for bike lamp moved as a fire rear of your bike. A drum dynamo device is integrated into the bike to allow the battery as you ride.

The bike GPS Tracker includes all the necessary options for such a device. First, there is sensor of movements and vibrations that can be important information for you. Thanks to a built-in GSM module, it will be able to send you messages warning or calls to alert on your mobile phone when motion is detected. For that, you need to purchase a standard SIM card as well as a telephone subscription for network coverage (pre-paid subscription is sufficient). On the other hand, it also integrates a GPS module working with a web tracking platform. Geolocation takes into account the parameters of latitude and longitude. The sets are detected in the most accurate way possible. That's why you can find immediately the exact address where the appliance is located. Access to the tracking software is free for life to your PC. And when you're not home, you can continue to track the movement of your device with Android and iOS applications to install on your smartphone. It is worth noting that this GPS tracker bike allows for monitoring in real time of the every move of the unit.

For specific needs, its platform of follow-up is also able to provide you with the history of movement of the device and can infinitely back in time. Your package includes GPS, a USB cable, a manual, and its original box. SIM cards are not included.

Data sheet

Standby time
120 days
135 x 58 x 58 mm
Motion detection
Lithium polymer
More than 45 days
Yes - IP67
Battery capacity
4400 mAh


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