Waterproof motorcycle intercom Bluetooth 1200 meters high autonomy - Duo motorcycle intercom

Waterproof motorcycle intercom Bluetooth 1200 meters high autonomy

This motorcycle intercom supports Bluetooth and allows it to communicate simultaneously in intercom with three Bluetooth devices. Powered by a 800 mAh battery, the device gives you up to 15 hours of talk time. 

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This model ofmotorcycle intercom accompany you on your long bike rides. Very convenient for group outings, this device is ideal in case you need to keep in touch at all times. Indeed, it has the walkie-talkie function allowing you to communicate directly with your passenger or two other bikers. To do this, you benefit from a range of 1200 meters between each person. 

TheIntercom works with the Bluetooth CSR B5 technology. This allows you to connect to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously, whether it's other intercoms or connected devices such as the Smartphone, digital tablet, or smartwatch. This way, you will be easier to access all your applications, such as MP3 player, GPS Navigator or radio. used as a Bluetooth kit for your Smartphone, the device allows you to take and issue phone calls while driving. 

In order to ensure the quality of your communications with your partners, the motorcycle Bluetooth kit has been equipped with a Speaker and a high definition microphone. This makes that even when you ride at high speed you will not be bothered by interference. The device incorporates the HVAC noise reduction technology to minimize wind noise. 

The main unit of the intercom consumes little energy. Powered by a 800 mAh lithium polymer battery, the device gives you 15 hours of intercom talk time. Otherwise, in standby mode, the battery can hold more than 300 hours. 

The device is easy to install and can be suitable for any kind of motorcycle helmet, whether open or full. The package contains everything you need to do the installation yourself. Designed in a solid material, the device is resistant to shocks and dust. It is also a sealing IPX6, allowing you to use it even on rainy days. 

Data sheet

50 grams
Lithium polymer
15 hours in communication
Battery capacity
800 mAh
1200 meters
Yes 3.0
Noise reducer
FM Radio