Motorcycle intercom duo with noise reducer - Duo motorcycle intercom
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Motorcycle intercom duo with noise reducer

This Bluetooth motorcycle intercom Kit is an easily manipulable device that is used daily to feel less lonely on the road. It is a technological gadget that allows you to safely ride with your friends. Exceptional range of 3 km.

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This Duo motorcycle intercom suitable for any type of helmet. So you can associate it with a full, open or semi-open headset. It is also suitable for any rider. It is a small performance device that does not require much space. Indeed, it only measures 12.5 cm x 4.6 cm x 1.8 cm (L x w x h). What's more, it doesn't weigh heavy with just 40 g. 

front page built-in battery provides power to this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Thanks to the power of its battery, you can use it to communicate for 7 hours. There are 8 channels on this device and people from a given channel can communicate with each other. But another person can join channels in order to discuss with other individuals in the group. 

this motorcycle Bluetooth suitable for different categories of sportsmen, including motorcyclists and snow-ski enthusiasts. You can get to 3000 meters of your interlocutor, but with this powerful device, you will always be able to hear what he says. Indeed, the sound of this equipment is of superior quality. With the noise suppression technology, you do not need to isolate yourself to discuss, because even at high speed, you will hear everything you tell your interlocutors on the road. 

Note that this free hand motorcycle kit can be used for your various phone calls. Actually, you can take calls or reject them if you are busy. This gadget redials the last number to make the task easier. 

With the Bluetooth function of this motorcycle Bluetooth headset, you have the option to take a phone call or reject it. The wireless PTT button makes it easy to communicate with your friends. This tool can also be transformed into an intercom. Also note that this is a water-resistant device that you can use without a problem in snowy weather or in the rain. 

Data sheet

40 grams
12.5 cm x 4.6 cm x 1.8 cm
Lithium polymer
7 hours in conversation
3 km
Listen to music
Noise reducer