Bluetooth motorcycle intercom for two people - Duo motorcycle intercom
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Bluetooth motorcycle intercom for two people

This Bluetooth Moto duo Kit offers intercom communication between you and your passenger or another biker. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, it offers a range of 500 meters between each device in open space. DSP noise reduction technology helps improve sound quality. 

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Themotorcycle intercom Duo is a group communication system for bikers that works from a Bluetooth connection. Ideal for everyday use or during a motorcycle ride, the device allows you to contact your passenger, and it doesn't matter how fast you ride. You can also equip another biker with the second Kit and use it as an intercom to keep in touch on the road. For this, it offers a range of up to 500 meters in open space. To give you a remarkable sound quality, the motorcycle Bluetooth kit has been equipped with the DSP noise reduction technology. It eliminates the ECHO, wind and engine noise to allow you to hear your interlocutor perfectly. And so that you can share information with your partner, the built-in microphone the unit also filters the wind noise. 

To access all the features of your mobile phone, the motorcycle Bluetooth kit allows you to connect to the device that needs to be within a 10-metre radius. For example, you can use it as a motorcycle hands-free kit. This allows you to receive, transmit, or reject calls on your phone. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, you can also connect your device to your MP3 player with the A2DP profile. You can control the player to pause, advance, or repeat playback with the AVRCP profile. The device also allows you to receive GPS information with a single click. The Control Panel has a call button, a high and low volume and an easy-to-operate multifunction knob. 

Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, the device offers you no less than 10 hours of telephone conversation time While it offers about 6 hours under the intercom function. In standby mode, the battery may last 300 hours, provided it has been fully charged. The main unit of the unit has been designed in a solid material to be shock-resistant. No matter the temperature, it will not affect its operation. Waterproof, it resists rains, splashes of water and dust.

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10 hours of communication
500 meters
Listen to music
Noise reducer