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Intercom motorcycle duo waterproof range 1000 meters

The motorcycle intercom is the perfect device for your motorcycle rides. The intercom allows you to communicate with other bikers at a maximum distance of 800 to 1000 meters, at high speed. The sound will be all the clearer and net thanks to the DSP technology. 

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this motorcycle Bluetooth kit Duo is designed for the driver and his passenger in order to keep the communication on the road. Reliable, this device offers you a new experience of the motorcycle intercom thanks to its impressive features. For starters, this is a universal device. That is, it is compatible with any kind of motorcycle or bike helmets. The same is the same with cell phones with a Bluetooth module. 

Themotorcycle intercom allows you to exchange information on the road with another biker or to chat with your passenger. To do this, it offers you a range of 1000 meters. Used as Bluetooth kit, the device also allows you to make calls on your mobile phone, provided that it is within 10 meters of you. You can then emit, hang up and reject calls with easy-to-engage manual controls. This Intercom also has the automatic call reception system, so you no longer need to press a button to answer it. The unit supports the Redial of the last number. 

Thanks to the A2DP Bluetooth profile that provides audio distribution, you have the ability to listen to your playlist and connect to the GPS. However, the AVRCP allows you to control the music player in case you want to pause or change the song. Not to mention that you can also listen to radio. 

With this motorcycle Bluetooth kit, you get a crystal clear sound quality even if you're riding at high speed. This is possible thanks to the DSP technology which ensures the cancellation of the ECHO and the Suppression of the ambient noise. The power supply of the main unit is ensured by a 450 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery. This gives you 6 hours of intercom talk time and 10 hours on phone call. In standby mode, you benefit from a battery life of 300 hours and more for a charge time of only 3 hours. To help you with the installation of the device, you will be provided with a headset clip and fixing screws as well as a screwdriver for each kit.

Data sheet

Lithium polymer
10 hours in conversation
Battery capacity
450 mAh
1000 meters
Listen to music
Noise reducer
FM Radio