motorcycle intercom Kit duo Bluetooth Moto 1600 meters - Duo motorcycle intercom
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motorcycle intercom Kit duo Bluetooth Moto 1600 meters

The Bluetooth Moto Kit allows you to perform operations on your Smartphone without too much difficulty. You have a manual or voice control if your Smartphone allows it. On intercom, keep in touch with 3 of your fellow travellers at a distance of 1600 meters.  

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Here is the newcomer in motorcycle intercom. The device has special features. The model is equipped with all the new technologies needed for this type of device. It comes with a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset. The helmet is suitable for any type of motorcycle or bicycle helmet. As far as the scope is concerned, it offers you the impressive distance of 1600 meters. Allowing you to share information with your fellow travellers. 

Otherwise, the device can just as well connect to your Smartphone and serve as a Bluetooth kit. This will save you from getting it out of your pocket, as access to your phone's content is easier. Thanks to an advanced Bluetooth connection, you can listen to music, receive the GPS Navigator voice prompts. In particular, the device supports Bluetooth profiles such as HSP for headphones, HFP for hands-free function and A2DP for audio distribution. 

It's a universal device. As a result, it can be paired with most of the Bluetooth kits available on the market.  Designed to ensure your safety while driving, themotorcycle intercom has easy access controls. In addition, if your Smartphone is equipped with a voice control system like Apple Siri or S – voice, you no longer need to perform manual actions. 

Sound quality is a key element for Bluetooth kits of this kind. With this model, you can enjoy excellent audio fidelity, thanks to the built-in high-fidelity headphone speakers. The helmet also incorporates the combination of the best wind and ambient noise reduction technologies with an arrow microphone. 

The main unit of themotorcycle intercom is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery whose autonomy oscillates between 10 and 15 hours. It all depends on your use. In standby mode on the other hand, the device has a autonomy of one week and more. 

Data sheet

Lithium polymer
Up to 15 hours of communication
Voice command
Yes 3.0
Listen to music
Noise reducer
FM Radio