Motorcycle intercom with FM radio and noise reducer - Duo motorcycle intercom
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Motorcycle intercom with FM radio and noise reducer

This intercom motorcycle Bluetooth accompanies you on your motorbike journeys and gives you all the useful services in this case. From GPS information to music playback, this device will greatly satisfy you thanks to its Bluetooth 4.1 connection. You will have the opportunity to chat with 6 people at a distance of 1000 meters on the intercom, and to make calls from your mobile phone. 

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TheIntercom is a group communication system that works from a Bluetooth connection for bikers. Very practical on a daily basis, this device is ideal during travel. The device allows you to communicate with your fellow travellers, but also gives you access to services that you may need during your driving. With the wireless dialingThis motorcycle intercom also benefits from the functions that will allow you to automatically respond to calls. Wind noises and all traffic events tend to disrupt communication. You may have found it when making calls from your phone. With this Bluetooth kit, you will no longer have this problem, as it integrates the echo cancellation and DSP noise suppression technology. This way you can communicate clearly, and this no matter how fast you ride.

With this device, you will have access to all your mobile applications such as music player, GPS and others. TheIntercom allows you to conduct group discussions between bikers in a distance of 1000 meters up to 120 km/h (optimal listening quality). It can connect with 8 different riders with an intercom. The device also allows you to make calls from your mobile phone without needing to take it out. You can receive, reject and hang up calls and make the voice redial of the last number. The most impressive thing about this device is thatIt can connect to two smartphones simultaneously.

Designed in a durable material, the device resists everything. Whether it's a shock or a bad weather. It is indeed waterproof and extremely heat resistant. the motorcycle Bluetooth kit is powered by a 570 mAh battery that gives you excellent autonomy. When the device is in standby, it can last up to a week. If you launch the intercom, you have 8 hours of talk time and for the phone call, you have a autonomy of 10 hours.

The device is delivered to you in duplicate. You will therefore receive two Bluetooth kits with their USB cables, two microphones and speakers, two bidirectional radio control cables and installation devices. 

Data sheet

Lithium polymer
10 hours of communication
Battery capacity
570 mAh
1 km
Yes 4.1
Listen to music
Noise reducer
FM Radio