Kit duo intercom motorcycle waterproof 4.1 - Duo motorcycle intercom
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Kit duo intercom motorcycle waterproof 4.1

The Bluetooth motorcycle kit comes in two copies for the driver and the passenger. The connection via Bluetooth 4.1 allows you to discuss the intercom with other riders at a distance of 800 meters. Sound quality is ensured by HVAC noise reduction technology.

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Opt for a powerful device by choosing themotorcycle intercom . To ensure the quality and speed of the connection, the device works with a connection via Bluetooth 4.1 and allows you to keep in touch with other bikers through the intercom. The scope of this communication can reach the 800 meters When the terrain is cleared.

You can also use the device as a Bluetooth kit for your mobile phone. This will ensure you a high-quality transmission of music and radio. It also gives you access to your phone calls. With easy-to-reach controls, you can send, receive, or reject calls. However, you must make sure that you have your phone within 10 meters of the device. Other very useful mobile applications are also supported by the device. This is especially the case of the GPS Navigator which provides you with more information about your journey. In addition, the FM radio function which is also present on the device. 

The quality of intercom communication depends on the microphone and loudspeaker's ability to filter noises. With the HVAC digital noise reduction technology, the device gives you clear and crisp sound. Be aware that themotorcycle intercom can withstand the weather. Whatever the temperature, whether it is raining or snowing, it will always be in working order. Waterproof, the device is not afraid of rain or splashes of water.

The performance of a device of this kind is measured by its autonomy in terms of energy. This model will not disappoint you on this plan. Powered by a 800 mAH rechargeable lithium polymer battery, it offers you a few hours of autonomy, but it depends mainly on your use. This gives you 8 to 10 hours of intercom talk time and more phone conversations. It goes without saying that to maximize battery life, you need to charge it completely. Which shouldn't take you more than three hours. 

The package contains 2 intercom, 2 mounting kits, 2 detachable earbuds, 2 USB cables, 2 microphone types for each main unit and a user manual.

Data sheet

Lithium polymer
10 hours of communication
Battery capacity
800 mAh
800 meters
Yes 4.1
Listen to music
Noise reducer
FM Radio