Intercom moto Duo longue portée bluetooth - Duo motorcycle intercom
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Intercom moto Duo longue portée bluetooth

This motorcycle intercom is a handy device when you are in two wheels. With the 3.0 Bluetooth wireless connection, you can access all apps on your Smartphone, such as phone call or music player. It also allows you to communicate with your travelling companions up to a distance of 800 meters. 

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Themotorcycle intercom is a device that offers a number of practical functions for those who use a motorcycle on a daily basis or on a trip. This accessory is necessary for any rider who respects and includes services such as clear and reliable wireless communication when driving. You can then converse with your companion along the way. This is because the device has a noise reduction system that filters out unwanted sounds from the engine or traffic. 

the Bluetooth motorcycle can be connected to other motorcycle intercom at the same time and offers a range of up to 800 meters and this at a maximum speed of 120 km/hour. For easy operation, it has an LCD display and manual controls including a volume button, a multifunction button and a button to start the intercom. Universal device, this motorcycle Bluetooth kit is compatible with all models of the same type (FDCVB, T-COM, COLO, t-Rex, T-MAX, Bluetooth headset BM2-S). 

The Bluetooth connection allows you to connect it with your Smartphone in order to benefit from all your applications during driving. Thanks to the Bluetooth 3.0, you will enjoy a fast and high quality connection.  For example, you can receive GPS voice prompts without having to stop to check your phone. In the same way, you can make calls and even listen to music if you want. It also supports FM radio.

Designed to withstand all climatic conditions, this appliance can operate from-20 °c to over 55 °c and is waterproof. The unit is powered by a high-performance battery that offers up to 10 hours of call mode, 7 hours in intercom mode, and more than 300 hours in standby mode. 

the motorcycle Bluetooth kit comes in two versions so you have the choice according to your needs. The first comes with a rigid microphone cord for open or half face helmets and the second with a soft mic cord for the full motorcycle helmet. 

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10 hours of communication
800 meters
Yes 3.0
Listen to music
Noise reducer
FM Radio