Clock camera spy full HD wifi - This spy camera wall clock is a reliable instrument to record videos and photos. With wifi tech
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Clock camera spy full HD wifi

This spy camera wall clock is a reliable instrument to record videos and photos. With wifi technology, it allows a remote view.

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THEclock spy camera records videos with a high resolution of 1080/720 p AVI format. Equipped with a built-in microphone, she is able to capture the sounds and conversations with sharpness. Benefiting from modern technologies, it also helps make beautiful photographs of 5 million pixels. This camera spy wifiwith remote viewing has a rate of 25 frames per second capture. Equipped with a high performance, its compression format is H264. To preserve your data, our camera hd spy includes a provision allowing the insertion of a micro SD up to 32 GB card. A mini 1200 mAh lithium battery ensures his operation. Practical, she is rechargeable through the use of a USB cable that is supplied in the package.  

The clock camera is distinguished by the presence of a motion detector. With a sensor that can cover a radius of 6 meters, it goes off automatically without your intervention. It is a technology which ensures the autonomy of its operation. According to the mission that you had assigned to him, this clock camera record videos or take pictures. If an intruder breaks into a room, she is activated while you go quietly about your business. Note that with a 90 degree view angle, it provides scanning of a large surface to spy on. Be aware that the compatibility of this mini camera spy wifi with conventional operating systems (Windows, Mac,...) on Android and Apple remains an important asset. Practical, connecting on sector allows its use in non-stop. 

What are the advantages of ordering our camera spy wall clock ? It is characterized by the simplicity of its use. It is the same installation that requires no special expertise. Thanks to the remote control, this camera motion detector spy can be also activated remotely. To make visualizations remote offers full discretion without being unmasked. Undetectable, this spy equipment innocuous-looking fits naturally in your environment. With these multiple features, it gives many uses: Home surveillance, a business office,... In case of dispute, your clock camera remains essential and effective for evidence collection. 

Data sheet

1080 P/720 P
Frame per second
Video format
Operating system
Windows / Mac OS X
VLCplayer / SMplayer
5 million
Angle of view
90 °
Lithium high capacity
Storage type
Supports up to 32 GB microSD cards
Battery capacity
1200 mAh
Compression format
Compatible Smartphone
Apple and android
Sensing distance
6 meters
Voice recording


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