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Infrared photographic trap HD

The hunting camera is a must-have device for hunters. Its use allows to know the behavior of the game of the day and night.

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The hunting HD camera measures 160 x 120 x 50 mm. These modest dimensions give his discretion. Once set up on a tree with the strap, its presence is imperceptible. Efficient and reliable, it offers videos with high resolution of 1080 p 12mp. To scan a wide field of vision, it is provided with an angle of 60 degrees. Operating in discontinuous mode, the device integrates a sensitive motion sensor. With a 1 second trigger time, the shots are almost in real time. Our photographic trap has a high autonomy. It can operate in standby mode for 90 days. A powerful, rechargeable 2000 mAh battery mini feeds its operation.

The hunting camera is distinguished by its infrared vision. Thanks to invisible 42 leds, it is capable of filming under a low light. Note that you can see directly the files on its mini screen of 2.5 inches. The dimensions of 48 x 35 x 69 mm offer comfortable viewing. It is also possible to watch on a TV screen. The video cable to do this with ease.  Our camera has the advantage of being waterproof and robust. Its design conforms to IP54 protection certification. Its metal shell fears neither moisture nor shocks. This tool preserves its features between the range of temperature from-20 ° C and + 70 ° C. It is therefore usable year-round, day and night.

If you want to have a reliable and convenient product, we recommend that photographic trap. For storage of video files and photos, she uses the AVI and JPEG formats. These technologies have a high compression rate, allowing the storage of a large volume of data. They also preserve the original quality of the content. If you plan to register for a long time, the memory of this hunting HD camera is extensible. The insertion of the 32 GB sd card allows to solve this problem. Whether you're a Hunter, amateur or professional, you should know that it is possible to set the recording time according to your needs. This product is currently unavailable.

Data sheet

Standby time
Three months
160 x 120 x 50 mm
Supports SD cards up to 32 GB (optional)
1080 P-720 P
Video format
Streaming time
View angle
60 degrees
Motion detection
20 m
Image format
Interface type
Possible operating temperature
-20 to + 70 degrees
Photo resolution
12 M
Battery capacity
2000 mah
Infrared vision
20 m
Transformer 220V
Trigger time
1 sec
Screen size
2.5 "


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