Full HD 12MP automatic detection surveillance of hunting camera - Infrared camera hunting 12 million pixels, Full HD, fast trig
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Full HD 12MP automatic detection surveillance of hunting camera

Infrared camera hunting 12 million pixels, Full HD, fast trigger time 0.5 second, standby time of 16 months, night vision at 25 meters

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What better way to observe wildlife in its natural habitat that a discretely photographic trap. This model is a great performance in this area. With an image sensor of 12 million pixelsIt offers images and quality videos. It allows a photo capture high definition and one quality 1080 p video recording. Videos can have a length of 3 seconds to 10 minutes. It is provided with a color 2.4 inch LCD allows you to view images. The hunting camera is powered by 8 AA giving battery one battery life up to 8 months in the standby mode. What makes that it can keep its location for a long time to observe the behaviour of its target in depth.

The hunting camera has a motion detector which sensor is activated whenever it detects a target of day and night. The the sensor trigger time is 0.6 second. The infrared sensor with powerful led offers very sharp images at night. Allows you to get great shots of wild animals in the dark without the need of flash. This sensor can hit a target at a distance of 20 meters from its location.

The infrared hunting camera is designed to blend into the landscape through the protective camouflage pattern shell which covers. It is therefore very robust and can withstand the multiple attacks will be in an outdoor environment. Of course, the device does not fear the water, since it is completely waterproof. Nothing won't damage this device as long as it is well installed out of sight. A USB 2.0 interface will allow you to connect the camera to your computer using the cable that will be delivered to you with. The load is also done with this cable. Its autonomy in energy depending on its use. In standby mode, it may qualify for a impressive battery life of 18 months. To keep the confidentiality of your files, in case of loss or theft, you can protect the device with a 4-digit password.

Data sheet

Standby time
16 months
136 * 90 * 72mm
Supports up to 32 GB microSD cards
1920 x 1080
Frame per second
Video format
Angle of view
70 degrees
Image format
Type of interface
Mini usb
Possible operating temperature
-20℃ to 60℃
Photo resolution
4000 x 3000
Trigger time
0.5 seconds
Screen size
2.4 inches
Night vision distance
25 meters


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