Babyphone with 1.5-inch Motorola LCD screen - Classic baby phone
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Babyphone with 1.5-inch Motorola LCD screen

Motorola babyphone with 1.5-inch LCD screen, 300-meter long-range, built-in nightlight, temperature display, walkie talkie function, lullaby function. 

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When you have a baby at home, equip yourself with a baby babyphone is our first priority whether it's audio, video or connected. However, it is difficult to make a choice when you see the panoply of babyphone now available on the market. For most parents, best babyphone must meet certain criteria, but also be accessible. If you're looking for a model cheap practical and advantageous, this one is what you need. 

this 1.5' LCD screen babyphone stands out as much for its practical and simple design as for its functionality. It can cover a 300m distance. Thanks to the DECT technologythis babyphone transmits with inimitable clarity. But this does not affect autonomy or energy consumption. Has  

But as watching a baby doesn't stop just listening when he wakes up, it also offers other options. It not only allowslisten to your baby, but also talk to him to reassure him or her when she wakes up on her own. But this babyphone Also has a ambient temperature sensor which appears on theLcd. And at night, you can leave the device in his room and put it in nightlight mode. At the same time, you can put a lullaby at him at a distance. 

Data sheet

5 x 4.5 x 13 cm
300 metres
1.5-inch LCD
Frequency of transmission
1.8 GHz DECT
Volume control
Visual indicator
Eco mode
Polyphonic lullabies
Temperature display