Baby phone 2.4 GHz Wireless ABS - Classic baby phone
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Baby phone 2.4 GHz Wireless ABS

This baby monitor is characterised by its ability to adapt to any age of the baby. With this articlei, you will be able to listen to your baby remotely. The parent will be able to intervene immediately in case of worries thanks to this technological gadget. 

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This cheap baby monitor stands out for its 2.4 GHz digital wireless transmission. His transmission signal is perfectly stable, so any parent who monitors their baby will be able to hear everything. Note that this baby monitor has a Speaker and a mike that makes bi-directional monitoring possible. Thanks to its high sensitivity, this equipment will allow you to easily hear the baby's crying. Therefore, a lamp will illuminate to inform you in the event that it occurs. This device is also easy to set up. It is recommended to put the transmitter at 2 meters from the baby to prevent it from catching it. A DC 5V battery is sufficient to power the baby unit and the parent unit.

The baby unit of this long range baby phone is characteristic of a charging voltage of 5V. Also, you only need to plug it into a charger that can handle it. The transmission frequency varies between 2400 and 2483 MHz. As for the transmitting power, it is 17 dBm. This baby unit operates at extreme temperatures ranging from-10 °c to 60 °c. It can be stored in a place where the temperature varies between-40 °c and 70 °c. It is an item that is not bulky and that measures 62 mm x 40 mm x 103 mm (length x width x height) for a weight of 57 g. 

With regard to theparent unit of this baby monitor, it has a voltage similar to that of the baby unit. The transmission frequency is also the same. Regarding the transmitting power, it is 17 dBm and as a result it will be possible to hear baby and understand what it does even if it is not nearby. Thanks to this best baby monitor, parents will have the leisure to continue their occupations. This baby unit consumes only 60 mAh in terms of energy. It operates at low and high temperatures. Indeed, it is always operational between-10 °c and 60 °c. This parent unit weighs 60 g and as a result it is not heavy and can be carried away everywhere. It has a length of 62 mm for a width of 40 mm and a height of 103 mm.  

Data sheet

Possible operating temperature
From-10 °c ~ + 60 °c
3 x AAA batteries per unit
Running tension
DC 5 V
Frequency of transmission
2400 ~ 2483 MHz
Emission power
Energy consumption
Baby Unit Dimensions
62mm * 40mm * 103mm
Dimensions parent unit
62mm * 40mm * 103mm
Baby unit weight
57 grams
Weight unit parents
60 grams