Baby monitor wireless camera baby monitor walkie talkie - Babyphone video
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Baby monitor wireless camera baby monitor walkie talkie

this baby monitor video is an accessory that you can take with you everywhere. Wireless technology, walkie talkie function, infrared vision, range of 260 meters, works with its built-in battery.

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This listening baby video also serves as an intercom. With its camera, you can monitor your child closely without impacting on the time allotted to your daily tasks. With this color LCD baby monitor, you can observe baby from thescreen that measures 2 inches. It has an optimal quality objective and integrates the Infrared LED. You can also use this device to monitor your pets even overnight. It is especially useful to keep an eye on the baby while sleeping at night. this baby monitor with camera is characterised by a two-way audio clearly between the monitor and the camera. As a result, you can chat with your baby whenever you want. When you are indoors, the transmission range of this unit goes up to 50 meters and if you are outdoors, it is 260 meters

Also note that this baby monitor camera also gives you the opportunity to monitor temperature your baby's room remotely. If the atmosphere is too heavy or if it is cold, you can act by closing the Windows or lightening the baby's clothes. On the other hand This device incorporates 8 lulers to distract your child. Also, you will be able to send them when taken by boredom or in case of crisis. These lulers are also used to Rock it when sleeping. 

This ingenious tool of baby surveillance has a autonomy of 10h in voice mode. The monitor has battery and it can work by using them. Otherwise, it can also be fed via the charger. For the camera, be aware that it is not equipped with a battery. Therefore, if you have to load it, you have to do it on the power outlet. To turn the unit on or off, you only need to hold down the side key of the device.  

Data sheet

220 * 176
Lihtium polymer
Ten o'clock
Infrared vision
Screen size
two inches
260 meters
Polyphonic lullabies
Temperature display