Babyphone camera with 8 lulers and night vision - Babyphone video

Babyphone camera with 8 lulers and night vision

This video baby monitor is characterized by wire-free technology. With this small device, parents and the baby can communicate remotely. 2-inch LCD display, infrared vision, 8 lulers, temperature display.

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this baby phone is an audio and video device that allows you to listen to baby and watch him while he is having fun. It is equipped with a LCD screen measuring 2 inches and that refers to a color display. His resolution is 220 x 176. The monitor is equipped with an internal battery and therefore it works with the latter or through a power charger. As for the video device, it does not include any batteries, the charger must be used for proper operation. 

this baby monitor with camera is one of the best devices dedicated to the baby surveillance. Thanks to this device, you can also monitor room temperature within which the baby is playing. Therefore, in the event of a sudden drop in temperature, the mother or nurse will be able to adjust the thermometer immediately. It is also an equipment that incorporates a total of 8 lulers to appease baby during his big crises or when he is agitated. 

On the other hand, this baby monitor camera is also characterised by the night vision. As a result, you can see what your baby does during the night and intervene in case of a problem during her sleep. In voice mode, the battery of this unit lasts 10 hours; It has a capacity of 400 mAh. 

this baby monitor is a two-way audio tool. This will allow you to see what the child is doing and at the same time chatting with him while being at a distance. The transmission power of this unit is 17 dBm and operates at extreme temperatures between-10 °c and 50 °c. It also works in a room where the humidity is less than 85%. This small device is not bulky since it measures 63 mm x 126 mm x 27 mm (w x H x d). In addition, it weighs only 0.08 kg.  Theangle of view of this device is 31 ° diagonally. 

Data sheet

220 x 176P
View angle
thirty degrees
Lithium polymer
Possible operating temperature
Between-10 °c and 50 °c
Battery capacity
400 mAh
Infrared vision
Screen size
two inches
Frequency of transmission
17 dBm
Polyphonic lullabies
Temperature display


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