Babyphone with 720P HD wireless video camera - Babyphone video

Babyphone with 720P HD wireless video camera

With the camera baby monitor, stay permanently with your child even if you are not at his side. Communicate with him through the two-way conversation at a distance of 300 meters. The 7-inch LCD screen gives you a clear vision of your child and the environment. 

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Always keep an eye on your baby with this baby monitor camera quality at 2.4 GHz. With this device, you can select channels to avoid interference with other devices. It offers you a range of 300 meters in open space. 

the baby monitor camera two different units. The first, called the transmitter installs in the child's room and films it while you are in another room of your House with the other unit, the receiver. The first unit is equipped with a multifunction camera. First, the camera allows you to film your baby day and night thanks to the infrared image sensor providing good brightness even in the dark. On the other hand, the issuer has many other functions that can be useful when you want to ensure your child's well-being.

These functions include the temperature detection. The device measures the temperature fluctuations in the room where it is located. In case of a major change, the device sends a signal to the parent unit so that they can intervene as quickly as possible. In fact, a temperature that is too hot or too cold could disrupt the child's sleep and health. 

The parent unit, with a dimension of 115 x 30 x 120 mm, has a 7-inch LCD screen on which is displayed in real time all that film the camera. A screen of this size allows you to have a better vision of your baby and thanks to the infrared camera, the night images are very clear and can cover up to 5 meters. This gives you a picture of a 720P resolution. 

the baby monitor video also allows you to calm or rock your baby remotely with a lulled reader. You can also talk to your child via the two units that have Microphone and Speaker each. With this baby phone, you will have nothing to worry about your confidentiality, as it has been provided with a means of recognizing users. In addition, both units are powered by lithium batteries which gives it a autonomy of a few hours or even a few days in energy saving mode.

Data sheet

Lithium polymer
Battery capacity
2000 mAh
Infrared vision
Screen size
seven inches
300 meters
Frequency of transmission
2.4 GHz
Baby Unit Dimensions
65 * * 65 * 115mm
Dimensions parent unit
115 * 30 * 120mm
Polyphonic lullabies
Temperature display


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