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2.4 Hz video babyphone with 3.5 inch LCD display

This baby monitor camera allows you to give your baby all your attention even if you are not at her side. You will be able to communicate with him and ensure his well-being thanks to his various functions such as temperature detection and the reader of lulers.

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A baby needs constant attention, but as you also have to take care of other tasks, it can be difficult to monitor it at the same time. This is why the use of this model of baby monitor camera can be invaluable help. The device allows you to indicate your presence.  

there baby monitor camera is also equipped with multiple functions that will help you take care of your baby. For example, you have a Lullaby reader very useful when you want to sleep it or just calm it down. So you don't have to travel to comfort him. Also be aware that the unit is equipped with the 2-way communication function. Thanks to the latter, the baby can call you and hear you on the unit installed in his room. In the same way, you too can talk to him and hear him on your unit. For this the device is equipped with Microphones And Speakers in each of the units composing the baby monitor video.   

The transmitter installed in the baby's room is equipped with a temperature detector allowing you to monitor the ambient temperature in the room. It is your child's health to be in a well-controlled environment. In addition, high heat or cold can disrupt sleep. This function will notify you in case of a significant change in temperature so that you can quickly intervene.  

The child unit is also equipped with an AC outlet that must be plugged in during use. On the other hand, the parent unit is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery gives a good autonomy, but it is possible to optimize it by using VOX mode. Listening to baby video goes into standby mode, but it activates when a voice is perceived. The screen automatically activates to let you see what's going on. Thanks to the infrared night vision, you will also receive clear images that it is day or night. However, you can still adjust the brightness on your screen. This product is currently unavailable

Data sheet

Lithium polymer
Battery capacity
800 mAh
Infrared vision
Screen size
3.5 inches
Distance from night vision
15 meters
50 meters indoors and 240 meters outdoors
Frequency of transmission
2.4 GHz
Energy consumption
250 mA
Baby Unit Dimensions
Dimensions parent unit
Baby unit weight
Weight unit parents
Volume control
Polyphonic lullabies
Temperature display