Babylon wireless camera with night vision and thermometer - Babyphone video

Babylon wireless camera with night vision and thermometer

Babylon with wireless camera, remote temperature monitoring, 8 built-in lulers, 2.4 inch LCD screen, 2400-2480 MHZ, infrared vision, digital zoom X2, walkie talkie function, built-in battery.

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this baby monitor camera east very handy to monitor your baby when he is alone in his room. The transmitter is installed with him in his room while you have with you the receiver that will allow you to see everything that is going on around him. This receiver has a 2.4 inch screen that will provide you with a clear vision of your child from where you are. 

the baby monitor camera also incorporates polyphonic lulers that you can throw remotely in order to calm your baby when he cries. With this device, you have the 8 melodies to choose from. With a rotatable device like this, you can tilt the lens back and forth. It can also turn on itself at an angle of 360 °. This function allows you to inspect your child's room, but also to see it from different angles. This manipulation can be done from your device using a 2.4 GHz Digital connection.   

Such equipment baby surveillance cannot be effective if it does not offer the possibility of a two-way discussion. In fact, both units have a Microphone and Speaker each. This allows you to talk to your baby through the voice sensor. Sometimes your baby can hear your voice to calm down. Because of this, you don't need to move, especially when you're busy. 

there baby monitor camera is equipped with a digital zoom function that allows you to have your baby in close-up and see what really disturbs him. Sometimes a baby's sleep may be disturbed by the room temperature. Too high or too low a temperature could wake it up. Thanks to a infrared temperature sensor, this model of baby monitor warns you when there is a change of temperature that occurs so that you can react quickly. 

Both units are powered by rechargeable batteries that ensure their autonomy. This allows you to have several hours before you have to recharge the devices. In order to save energy, you can always use the VOX function. As a result, the receiver will only activate when a noise is detected. 

Data sheet

Lithium polymer
eight o'clock
Battery capacity
950 mAh
Infrared vision
Screen size
2.4 inches
Polyphonic lullabies
Temperature display


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