Walkie Talkie

Communicate easily and securely with your employees with walkie talkies! These are essential devices for the proper organization of your work: construction site, event, safety protocol, etc.

With or without a license, medium or long range, the communication guaranteed by our walkie talkies can be free or paid. Whatever model you're looking for, you'll find on the market various types of sophisticated walkie talkies that may suit you in this category.


Why is it essential to have a walkie-talkie?

The walkie talkie is a very powerful communication device that can be used to make contact at a range of about ten kilometers. Many professionals use it to ensure the smooth running of work on site.

Many security providers also use it to communicate over long distances. The benefits of making use of walkie-talkies can be summed up in five points:

  • Real-time and safe dialogue with one or more interlocutors.
  • Unlimited and totally free communication.
  • The ability to secure the dialogue on a private frequency that often pays off.
  • Functional device at all times and in almost all circumstances.
  • Device that does not require network coverage.


What types of walkie talkies can be communicated with?

In our range, we offer 4 main types of walkie talkies:

  1. The classic walkie-talkies:

They give you free, unlimited and subscription-free communication. With walkie talkies, you can access a wide range of frequencies that you can use without restriction. These types of walkie-talkies confer the advantage of being intercompatible, regardless of brand or model.

     2. Licensed walkie talkies:

Much more powerful and sophisticated, these devices give the ability to secure communication through a paid private frequency.

     3. Digital walkie talkies:

These types of walkie talkies are available with or without a license. In both cases, they provide a clearer quality of conversation, as the sound flow remains constant, regardless of the distance. Digital walkie-talkies solve signal loss problems and also offer a longer range of communications than analog walkie talkies.

     4. Hybrid walkie talkies:

These walkie talkie models allow you to enjoy a communication that remains free, but with the advantage of a digital sound quality. In addition to being able to access more channels, you'll also be able to set up your device in one of two modes. Notably to make it compatible with all types of walkie talkies whether they are digital or analog.