To take good care of your child, you need to use handy devices to help keep your child safe. Day and night, the babyphone, also known as Listen say baby, provides noise and movement alerts from your baby's room. In this way, you are immediately notified of the discomfort he may feel or the danger he faces. There are lots of babyphone models on the market. The choice must therefore be based on different criteria, namely the size of your home or the distance between the parents' room and that of the child. It should also be based on the options, practical and useful you want to enjoy with the babyphone. 

The first feature of a babyphone is the two-way audio transmission. This option allows the sounds to be transmitted in the baby's room to the parent receiver installed in another room. It is intended to alert parents when the baby wakes up. To do this, the device uses a low-frequency waves for maximum safety. In addition, there are connected babyphones that have the ability to connect to the internet. Monitoring can then be done remotely on a tablet, computer or smartphone. 

Some models are equipped with Camera and LCD screen. Also called babycam, it allows you to see in real time what is going on in the baby's room. In general, video babyphone is equipped with night vision. Thanks to a infrared lens, you will be able to see everything that happens in the baby's room in the dark night without any light being needed. a motion detector often accompanies this option to capture any unusual movements around the device that may affect the child's safety.

the multifunction babyphone is very popular for its various functions. With a temperature sensor, this model allows parents to ensure that the baby's room is at the right temperature. Being alerted will allow them to intervene more quickly. And to allow parents to calm down or put the baby to sleep remotely, the lullaby function will play several lullabies to choose from. 

For models equipped with nightlight, the device will emit a soothing colored light or with patterns to help the child sleep quietly. This option is just as useful to reassure the baby when he wakes up startled at night.