Motorcycle intercom

Themotorcycle intercom is a small electronic device that attaches to the bottom of your motorcycle helmet. It allows you to chat with one or more other bikers, hear your GPS navigation instructions, receive or make phone calls, and even listen to music. While in most cases the handling is done manually in a very easy way, some models of motorcycle intercom can trigger the voice command such as Apple Siri or Samsung S-Voice. These models can therefore benefit from more advanced functions, sometimes as far as sending mail. 

Intercom communication works with a Bluetooth signal powerful. The high level of this signal on a device will define the range of the communication. However, other criteria may come into play. In particular, the presence of buildings or power lines. A device that is supposed to have a range of 800 metres will therefore only reach it under favourable conditions, i.e., on open ground and when the interlocutors are equipped with the same Bluetooth motorcycle kit. The universal intercoms are often the most privileged, as they are compatible with all the models available on the market. 

Since when you ride a motorcycle you are surrounded by noises, whether it's wind or traffic, motorcycle intercom is usually provided with system noise reduction. The goal is to filter out unwanted sounds. There are two common technologies in this area, namely the DSP and the CVC, that help improve sound quality. Some headsets even offer an automatic volume adjustment system based on wind-generated noise. 

When it comes to motorcycle intercom, you can choose between a single or double box. For bikers who equip themselves with an intercom to interact with their passenger, manufacturers offer duo boxes containing two kits, one for the driver and the other for his passenger. Both kits are matched in the factory, so they are directly operational after the initial load. 

Themotorcycle intercom is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Depending on the capacity of this battery, the device can offer a speaking time of 6 to 10 hours. However, a sleep mode can extend its battery life by up to a few hundred hours for the most efficient batteries.